A Special Visit to William Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage

Driving north toward along the eastern shore of magical Lake Windermere, we pull over to see one of the Lake District’s most beautiful villages, Grasmere. Good fortune is smiling today. As we pass over the threshold of poet William Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage, we are greeted by a young man who clearly loves Wordsworth and can hardly wait to share the good news: we have arrived at Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage on a very special day. Indeed, it is not only National Poetry Day in England, but also the 210th wedding anniversary of Wordsworth and his dear wife Mary. And Dove Cottage was the first home they shared together.

Our young docent leads us from room to room, explaining how their daily lives were lived. The rooms are small, the ceilings impossibly low, and the stairs to the second storey uneven and steep. Within this charming cottage filled with Wordsworth’s letters and pens, England’s beloved Poet Laureate hosted many meetings with fellow writers Southey and Coleridge.streaming film Nocturnal Animals

At the top of the stairway, from a tiny room with a simple desk and small window, I can see why William so loved the Lake District and why he felt its beauty spoke to him through poetry. Our gentle docent reads the lines written by William to express his love for Mary on a previous anniversary. Such beautiful words. From the window, I watch the rich autumn colors, dark heather-covered hills and mists rising off Lake Windermere. William launched England’s Romantic period from this very spot, looking out at this same beautiful but ever-changing view.

The Charms of England’s Lake District

After visiting England’s historic potteries in Stoke-on-Trent, we travel north by train to seek inspiration in England’s famous Lake District National Park. We arrive on a dark and stormy evening, in the middle of a chilly drenching rain. But when we awaken at our lovely B&B the next morning, the skies are clear, and we head off to explore. Pure, poetic beauty greets us around every curve in the road — ancient oak forests, lush fern-covered glens, clear blue lakes, and country pastures which are a carpet of the most amazing emerald green. No wonder the Lake District has been home to so many of England’s most famous writers and poets. Inspiration is absolutely everywhere! More →