The amazing blooms in our garden have attracted a variety of visitors. Summer visitors to Minocqua wend their way down our garden path to visit us at our Garden Shop.  But a host of other visitors seem content to stay hard at work outside in our garden: A nesting robin is sheltering her young in the cedar tree again this year, happy bumble bees methodically move from the bright red Bee Balm flowers to the stands of Gooseneck Loosestrife, Monarch butterflies flex their wings on our yellow Heliopsis, and several hummingbirds zip back and forth as they fill up on sweet Honeysuckle nectar. A few weeks ago, a truly unexpected visitor literally fell from the sky: A baby spotted sandpiper apparently ventured away from his parents’ nest, fell from the roof next door and was wandering about near the crabapple tree. By the next morning, he was gone — I hope he found his way to the lake nearby and is enjoying his summer as much as all of our other The Jungle Book 2016 film online now