While I had never thought I would ever make it to Poland to see this country, the opportunity arose and Britt, my Garden Store manager and Polish pottery lover and I thought “why not check out the Polish Pottery festival in Bolesławiec”.      It was a decision we will never regret.

Our trip began with our flight into Wroclaw, Poland.   For some reason it took me the whole trip before I mastered actually saying the name of this town.   I guess my age is showing and this “old dog”  needs some Polish pronunciation lessons.    Once we checked into our hotel and dropped our bags it was out to the street to walk around this historic town.

Wrocław is the largest city in south western Poland and sits on the banks of the Oder River.   The town like all of Poland still retains the remnants of Soviet control with not so beautiful block building but the town center and area surrounding are stunning.    But what was beautiful were the people that were enjoying the beautiful town center and the surrounding areas especially along the river.  The town has undergone alot of renovation these days and we could tell the people of Wroclaw took much pride in their town.    There is too many things to mention about the town and in fact we could have spent weeks poking around.  Here is the link to Wikipedia to read more: https://bit.ly/2wlQwFx.

Our immediate focus was food of course.   Britt organized a food tour and at 5:00 we were swept into a full foodie tour and a bit of history of Wroclaw. Pictures speak louder than words but I can say Yum.  See for yourself:

Next day we were off to the pottery car.   Now, just want to warn you that if you are traveling and anticipating getting a car- in Poland you will need an international drivers license.   Thankfully we could take the 1 1/2 hour trip by taxi without a hiccup and around $100.00 which was ok considering the distance.   I highly recommend though getting the license for the trip as it seemed pretty straight forward driving and to be able to check out nooks and crannies you will need a car.

The festival was bright and lively on the first day and everything in site was amazing.   Of course lots of Boleslwiec pottery- I think at least 10-15 different factories at least.  Great venue of restaurants all around the town center to choose from as well.   While browsing we also checked out other handmade items and hope we can import them to sell in our store.  We will keep you posted.

The next day we had a fantastic tour of the pottery factory where most of the Polish Pottery at Ann Marie’s originates.  Our Polish Pottery representative Twila from Pottery Avenue in the US sponsored us on the tour and it was amazing.  One of the largest pottery factories I have toured in Europe.

Our final day at the festival was on Friday and it was packed with crowds.  Although I think there were some tourists I believe it was mostly the Polish celebrating the Pottery and enjoying the festivities!   Lots of activities and special events and also a pottery parade featuring many of the pottery factories.   The US Army also marched and I must say they had a nice representation.

Back to Wroclaw for one more Pączki (Polish donut) and Polish Sausage before flying home.